UX portfolio

Richard Trussler


User research

User testing

Task writing and test running against team assumptions around needs and heuristic analysis, to inform and provide justifications around site redesign.

user test task writing top

Customer journey mapping

Deriving design opportunities through mapping and analysing steps in current journeys. Analysis of user flow through charting customer tasks, feelings and pain points to inform and justify design choices and priorities.

customer journey map top

Elito method

Gathering research task observations to help an agile team quickly form patterns of what is most important to users, and make initial informed design choices.

elito method top

Information architecture


Facilitated global stakeholders in discussing, consolidating and providing consistency around terminology, to a range of pharma news products.

insight ia screenshot top



Heuristic analysis and markup to highlight pain points for user flow.

datamonitor healthcare

Recommendations based on the key users affected and business priorities.

severity recommendations top


Lead design and accessibility within Informa to ensure external design team complied with requirements from WCAG2 AA guidance. Conducted unmoderated remote testing via usertesting.com for key user journeys.

pharmaintelligence.informa.com website screenshot top

Prototyping & design


Stakeholder requirements quickly developed into interactive prototype to aid discussion and guide implementation team on MVP.

informa drug profiles top

Insight Mobile App

Proof of concept application built to extract key headlines into a simple news app with a focus on being mobile first.

informa insight app top


Final design prototype created to demonstrate implementation of navigation, story layout and user flow.

scrip home top

lawtel.com: legal cases and legislation web site.

Dynamic prototype created to introduce and demonstrate faceted search to stakeholders.

lawtel website screenshot top


Dynamic prototype created to demonstrate data table updates via multiple selections.

ids pay dashboard screenshot, prototype

Final Design using HTML/CSS delivered to the implementation team.

ids pay dashboard screenshot, production top

Government Digital Services (GDS)

Iterative user flow and sitemap diagrams created in order to align stakeholder and team understanding of complex systems.

user flow and sitemaps

Static and interactive wireframes in Axure. Built from initial paper prototypes and used in an Agile approach, iterating from stakeholder feedback, user testing and interpretation.

iwireframing, axure top

Side projects and experiments

Teeth Time Tales: audio story iOS app.

Audio story recording and production, HTML/JS UI compiled for iOS via Xcode.

teeth time tales support website screenshot top

Lakeside Graffiti: image gallery eBook for iOS.

Cover Design, Photography and fixed-layout XHTML CSS3 .epub and audio production.

graffiti I O S ebook screenshot top

utilon.com: webkit and firefox only.

3D UI using impress.js and CSS3.

utilon.com 3 D U I screenshot top

The Artist: Steve Blank on Entrepreneurship

Circular HTML/CSS Design, combining csswarp.js and video.

circular text with csswarp.js screenshot top

Alec Baldwin speech: kinetic typography.

Cross browser text animation using CSS3 web-fonts, d3.js, SVG and synced HTML5 audio.

S V G and audio kinetic typography screenshot top

2009 UK Beach Guide

Entry for a Guardian competition: Interesting uses of the Data Store

Guardian data store competition top